Nichole Cooper-Evans is the owner of Val Slay Beauty and Apparel LLC.  A mother of three wonderful children. She's from the Rocky Mountains Blue Skies, and cold weather. She currently reside in Sunshine Houston, Texas as She loves to travel It brings her back to when she went to Puerto Rico the scenery was so beautiful the smells were so enchanting many colors that inspired her collection that She brings to you. My goal is to create a platform were all people can experience the Val Slay way. If that means helping people get to their ideal heathy weight from using our Body Contouring Services that we offer. Or using our detoxification through our Val V-Steam which means Yoni Steam. This Service helps with menstrual cramps and so much more. Our showcase is not only trendy but also acceptable in your everyday occasion. It is my pleasure to welcome you to Val Slay Beauty LLC. As we take this journey I will ensure that every purchase will be a positive experience.