Val Slay Beauty started at Beverly Hill Street, in the Houston area. Val Slay Beauty gives Women just what they need to feel Beautiful from the inside out. Offering Skin Tightening treatments with our Monopolar RF, giving you no downtime. Offering Rejuvenating Vaginal Steam treatments, giving our Clients the Confidence within themselves through our Body Contouring Services. Sunna Steam is an excellent way to lose inches as well. With our Body Contouring Services is not just for our women but Men can feel confident too.

Body Contouring is an Inexpensive Non -Surgical Procedure that helps get rid of unwanted Fat By using  non-invasive Cavitation. Leaving your Body looking and feeling Confident than before.

During your first visit you are ask to fill out a new client form. That provides details of your current medical conditions. If you currently have an Auto Immune disease, Blood Clots, Diabetes ,Pregnant or now Breast Feeding, Treating over a Tattoo’s with IR, Laser or Ultrasound, Pacemaker, Kidney Disease or Liver Disease, Poor wound Healing, Disease of the Lymphatic System, Highly Photosensitive medications, Cardiovascular Disease or a recent Cancer diagnosis (within 5 years)  you are not Candidate for Noninvasive Body Contouring! Also if you have or had a recent surgery we recommend waiting a minimum of 12 weeks before you begin Body Contouring. If you had Liposuction you must be cleared with your Physician. Your Licensed Technician will go over your New Client Form to make sure Val Slay Beauty Body Contouring is the Right Treatment for you. So that Val Slay give you excellent Services.

We need for all New Clients and Current Clients to Render DL or ID, to experience Val Slay Beauty Services. All Clients will need to avoid eating 2hrs prior to treatment if you are treating your abdomen area. Avoid aspirin or anticoagulant if possible as they may cause bruising with suction device. Drink Water Before service (1Liter) is require. Avoid Creams, moisturizers, self- tanners on the area for treatments. Closely shave any hairs in the treatment area so hair won’t pull from the device. Please Wear Comfortable Clothes you can choose to stay in your clothes or a Robe will be provided. After Service you will be ask to get on the Vibrating Exercise Machine for 10 minutes so that the body can break down the toxins from the body.  

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